The sleepers are softwood treated timber (2.4m long x 200mm x 100mm).New Sleeper Thumbnail0

They are 100% safe for children and pets.

They have been pressure treated with a non-toxic treatment that will ensure they last for a very long time (up to 25 years).

They are made of softwood and so are much easier to carry, handle and cut.

  • Great for retaining walls or garden beds

  • Also suitable as borders for your garden and pathways

  • They look fantastic as walls around your raised vegetable beds

  • Easy DIY edging

They can be cut or joined to make any size bed 

We are now stocking Mini Sleepers (2.4m long x 200mm x 75mm thick)

Delivery service is available.

Usually we get to our customers within one to two working days from placing the order.


Here is some example work with sleepers:


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