Why are most lawns sodded

Is a turfgrass sod lawn less work?

Yes, a turfgrass sod lawn needs no special care after the first because it is a healthy mature lawn when it is installed, whereas a seeded lawn requires years of nurturing to reach maturity. Turfgrass sod is grown under expert supervision from either top quality seed blends. After it has been installed, just water, mow and fertilise as needed and it will remain a healthy, green carpet of grass requiring very little maintenance.

Where can I use turfgrass sod?

Turfgrass sod can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible or too costly. Turfgrass sod is often used to stop soil erosion and water pollution on slopes where heavy rain would wash away both seed and soil.

When can I install a turfgrass sodded lawn?

Turfgrass sod can be installed all year around. There is no need to wait for the ''right'' time of the year as opposed to seeding. It will need to be watered in,every day for the first two weeks.

Can turfgrass sod withstand heavy usage?

Because turfgrass sod establishes itself very quickly it is ready for full use withing a couple of weeks. It creates the perfect surface for lawn games, family get togethers and outdoor activities. With today's blends of hardy grasses, turfgrass sod is often chosen for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, as well as residental areas and commercial developments.

Is a turfgrass sodded lawn a good investment?

Yes - It's the only way to go from bare soil to a lush lawn in just hours. Yet, it is relatively inexpensive to use. In the few hours it takes to install your turfgrass sod lawn, your property value increases significantly while you enjoy the beauty and convenience it has to offer.

How does turfgrass sod affect our environment?

Because of today's ecological concerns, many people are considering turfgrass sod because of the environmental and health benefits it has to offer.

Turfgrass sod cools and cleans the atmosphere, releases oxygen, stores carbon, breaks down other harmful pollutants, enriches the soil, helps to minimize dust, provides substantial erosion control, helps ground water recharge and minimizes storm water runoff.

As it grows, turfgrass silently contributes to a healthier environment.



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